Does Bankruptcy Stop Wage Garnishments in West Virginia?

Yes! Declaring Bankruptcy in WV does stop wage garnishments.

bankruptcy in wvWest Virginia is like most states in that it allows for judgement creditors to garnish your wages in order have a debt repaid. In order for a creditor to garnish your wages, they first have to take you to court and get a judgement against you. A wage garnishment is a way for creditors to collect money by having it deducted from your salary or compensation.

A bankruptcy filing can stop collection lawsuits and wage garnishments, even if the garnishment has already started. You could also potentially recover lost wages if you have already been subjected to wage garnishment.

The primary purpose of the federal bankruptcy law is to give debtors a financial “fresh start” from their debts. This purpose is achieved by attaining a bankruptcy discharge. Most debts are discharged in a bankruptcy. When a debt is discharged under bankruptcy law, it means that you no longer have to pay the debt. In cannot be legally collected from you.

Our West Virginia bankruptcy lawyers stop a great deal of wage garnishment cases each year. If you are being sued for debt collection or if a creditor is garnishing your wages its not too late to get help. Contact the attorneys at Hinkle Law, PLLC for more information about how to stop wage garnishments through bankruptcy options.