Our Mission

With over 20 years of combined experience, we strive to provide the best representation when it comes to Bankruptcy and Debt Collection Relief services.

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Our Mission: At Hinkle Law, PLLC our mission is to provide professional and effective representation of the consumers of West Virginia. Our team of Martinsburg bankruptcy attorneys and legal assistants believe that our clients should receive friendly and courteous service. We recognize that our clients need us at times in their lives that can be stressful and overwhelming. Nothing gives us more pleasure than a client who can sleep better knowing that we can provide a solution to their financial problems.

Debt Relief Services: Hinkle Law, PLLC is designated as a debt relief agency under the United States Bankruptcy Code. This means that we help our clients get relief from their debts by filing bankruptcy. Bankruptcy can be an effective way of dealing with your debts and getting some relief or peace of mind.

We provide these services by focusing on the client. Our team is made up of people who care and want to help. It’s not just a mission statement for us, it’s who we are as people.

Debt Collection Relief: At Hinkle Law, we also provide legal services geared toward relief from debt collection companies. Most people do not know their rights under State and Federal debt collection law. The stress and aggravation of constant phone calls and letters from debt collection companies can be overwhelming.

If you’ve been getting collection calls and need some relief, come see us. Our consultations for debt collection relief services are always free.

Are you:

  • tired of fighting off debt collectors?
  • sick of dealing with debt?
  • in need of some relief?

At Hinkle Law, nothing gives us more pleasure than a client who can sleep better at night knowing that we can provide a solution to their financial problems. We offer debt relief services that include assessing your current debt situation and doing whatever we can to make sure that harassing debt collectors stop bothering you.

Our entire firm focuses on helping people who are dealing with debt problems and need some help to get back on their feet. We have helped hundreds of people get the relief services they were looking for when it came to their debt.

If you’re in need of debt relief services, then Hinkle Law should be your first choice. We have successfully worked on numerous cases with similar debt collection situations and can help you with yours.

Call us today to schedule your free consultation. We can talk about your individual situation and decide on the best course of action. Don’t let another stressful day go by, contact us today to get on the road to debt relief.