Can I Really Sue a Debt Collector If I Owe The Debt?

The reality is that most people who have found themselves on the wrong end of a debt collector would love to be able to pay the debt. We’ve all run into financial difficulties but that doesn’t mean that you’re not entitled to some rights.

credit cardWhether or not you owe the debt is irrelevant. In fact, according to the legislative history of the Federal Fair Debt Collections and Practices Act (Otherwise known as the FDCPA) the purpose of debt collection laws is to preserve the civil rights of consumers and to protect consumers from being terrorized and abused by unethical debt collectors. Debt collectors have legal and ethical means to collect a debt but some choose not to be ethical. When debt collectors act in a way that is abusive it can have devastating effects on a person and their family.

In fact the FDCPA states that “Abusive debt collection practices contribute to the number of personal bankruptcies, to martial instability, to the loss of jobs, and to invasions of individual privacy.” All four of those ramifications are very important to individual consumers and the economy as a whole. The lawyers at Hinkle Law have seen families torn apart by financial strain because they went too long without seeking help.

The debt collection industry knows that you have rights but their motive is to profit regardless of the cost to the consumer. They spend millions of dollars each year trying to minimize your rights in the Courts and by lobbying Congress for less control. If consumers don’t stand up for their own rights, then no one else will. At Hinkle Law, we help consumers like you to know and protect your rights. You may not even know until you talk to us that your rights have been violated.

If you’re being contacted by a debt collector, you should take steps to protect yourself. If you reside in West Virginia or Pennsylvania, contact the attorneys at Hinkle Law for a free review of your case. In almost all cases that we pursue, our fee is ultimately paid by the debt collector.