Don’t Be Scared By Bankruptcy & “Horror” Stories

bankruptcyI meet with a lot of potential clients who have been told a myth or two about bankruptcy. I’m forever adding to the list of those myths in hopes that I can help educate consumers about their rights and all of the powerful tools available in bankruptcy.

As a result of these myths, a lot of people who could use the help of a bankruptcy attorney don’t ever seek advice or they wait too long to find out their options.

Some of these “scary” bankruptcy stories come from well meaning people in our lives. Often times a friend or family member or co-worker will tell you to avoid bankruptcy. These folks may have your best interests in mind but they are often misinformed.

Other “scary” bankruptcy stories come from people who don’t have your best interests in mind. Often times, these people want to profit off of the fear that you have about bankruptcy. They will tell you to avoid bankruptcy at all cost while they remove the last dollar from your pocket. They will charge you outrageous fees to “settle your debts” or to “save your home from foreclosure”. Most often, they don’t deliver on those promises.

Bankruptcy is not for everyone. But for a lot of folks who are having trouble with debt or who are facing foreclosure, it can be a powerful tool. And I can tell you from the many people that I’ve helped that it is not scary at all. The worst thing that you can do is treat bankruptcy as your “last resort”. It is best to find out your options as early as possible.

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