Meet Our Team

When the only thing on your mind is how to stop unwanted calls, let the team at Hinkle Law help you.

Overwhelming collection calls are by far the number one reason people contact Hinkle Law, PLLC. Simply put, people want the phone calls to stop!

Stop worrying about how to stop the calls and put Hinkle Law’s team to work for you.

Donna Jensen:
Donna joined Hinkle Law in 2009 as a legal assistant focusing on bankruptcy cases. Donna is highly knowledgeable about bankruptcy and her desire to serve our clients is second to none. Donna, like everyone at Hinkle Law, cares about our clients and works hard to help them through the bankruptcy process.

Diana Fittro:
Diana joined Hinkle Law in 2017 as a legal assistant focusing on bankruptcy cases. Diana has extensive experience in the consumer lending industry and utilizes her experience to help get the best results possible for our clients.