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Client Testimonials

On a good note, I would like to thank you again for everything you helped me with at the time of my bankruptcy. It was a devastating time with the divorce and bankruptcy, but your calm assurance and professional help got me through. My credit is back on track with a score of over 700 and I recently was able to purchase a home with an interest rate of 3.25. I can't stop smiling. Thank you for everything.

-A.M. (Former bankruptcy client.)

Mr. Hinkle and his staff made the process of filing bankruptcy less scary. They walked us through the process step by step. They were always friendly and were available to answer all our questions. We would highly recommend Mr. Hinkle to anyone thinking about filing.

-J.J. and D.J. (Former bankruptcy clients.)

The ability to pay the fee in installments allowed us to get the process started almost immediately and provided the relief that my family needed. David and his staff were so kind and helpful, assisting me every step of the way. I can now open my mail and answer my phone without fear and have been able to start over. Whether needing to file bankruptcy, or just looking for relief from the harassing creditors, I highly recommend Hinkle Law.

-K.H. (Former bankruptcy client.)